Laws The Dedication Coming Soon


Laws The Dedication Mixtape
Introducing rapper, Laws, the emcee you will abide by soon:

Laws ft. Cyhi da Prince: “HonorDL

“Hello everybody can I kick a flow or two, want to hear some shit I wrote inside the vocal booth?”

I was never over you, I always told you too
You reminded me of a golden dream
It seems the sunsets and the memory of you still gleams
Never understood why you left me so

“We no longer in Kansas, so how do you paint when there’s no longer a canvas”

Images of you still run through my mind
Lines are the only memories I feel sometimes
You used to flirt with other guys
Just to see if get me a rise, and now I know
All those lies were just part of your disguise

Laws ft. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: “RunawayDL

“I’m at the point of giving in so we can begin again”

I’m realizing my potential, standing at the gateway of something monumental,
I see you walking away, and I feel free in my mental,
So many times you quieted my words,
I ask myself what it was I tried to preserve, and
Had to calm my mind, massage my temple,
Because there was something I never heard..

I need to run away.

This was another creative Thursday piece, which focused on Florida based rapper, Laws.

About Laws in his own words:

“When I listen to my favorite music, I can’t explain why I like it. It’s just a mood that I get,” explains Laws. “All I try to do is make music that I can appreciate as a fan. That’s what Your Future Favorite Rapper was: me making what I wasn’t hearing from other artists. Hip-Hop is a simple formula: you need a really dope beat; you need clean, coherent lyrics; you need to be witty and interesting, sometimes introspective; and just leave a memory on your track. I’m not a pretentious Hip-Hopper, I’m not a gangster, I’m not a ladies’ man, I’m not whining about my life. I’m just making organically good music. Just contributing another great thing to the culture.”