Prefuse 73 and Jaytram (Yeasayer) Reinvision Epstein


Epstein Prefuse 73 Jaytram

(Exclusive!) Prefuse 73 and Jaystram (of Yeasayer) musically recreate the work of musician and visual artist Roberto Carlos Lang on this new album, Epstein (to be release Dec. 13th). The two psychedelic producers approach Lang’s hip hop influence solo-project, “Epstein,” from different angles. Prefuse 73 pastes scattered sounds (all Epstein sample) like a verbal regurgitation from a kid with ADD. Contrastingly, Jaystram takes the same kid (Epstein’s mind) and doses him with cough syrup, telling him it’s “okay,” as he lulls into REM sleep patterns that are soothingly mellow then broken into snippets.

Or as I was told:

There are about 1 million adjectives needed to try to cartograph a tangible roadmap to where this record leads, but we would rather you just take your own journey. The record will be available for download on Epstein’s Bandcamp for a pay-what-you-want price.

Here’s a little more personal information about Roberto Carlos Lang:

Like any complete story, this one begins with a birth. Two of them, actually (though one is part and parcel of the other.) Roberto Carlos Lange was born in South Florida in 1980 to Ecuadorean immigrant parents. Epstein, his longtime, deeply-personal solo project, was born 20 years later from the mixtape and the echo button of his Lasonic boombox. Lange, also the leader of Asthmatic Kitty act Helado Negro, was attending the Savannah College of Art and Design and the humidity was pickling the cassette. His ears were sweaty. His left ear was full of his studies–Pierre Schaeffer, David Tudor, and Stockhausen. His right ear was spilling over with extra-curricular listening to O.D.B., Stereolab, Mr. Oizo, The Sea and Cake, Mobb Deep, and Miami electronic music. The combination of both began to seep out of his fingertips, onto his MPC sampler, and the result of all that heat and osmosis was the formation of two distinctive musical entities–one a duo with drummer Matt Crum (Feathers, As Friends Rust, Rocking Horse Winner) called ROM; the other his solo outing as Epstein.

Prefuse 73: “Moda De Hormig√≥nDL

Jaytram (Yeasayer): “You Know They OutDL