SFCritic The Burritophile Rapper


Why is he rapping? Because he’s need your support after making an ass of himself, rapping about burritos. In response to 7×7 Magazine’s quest to seek San Francisco’s biggest burrito fan, SFCritic has created a short rap about his fondness for burritos.

After you’ve enjoyed this ridicule, please do SFCritic (David) the favor of emailing (iheartburritos@7×7.com) and voting for David Johnson-Igra (david @ theSFCritic.com). They ask for a 200 minimum explanation–just copy and paste this:

David Johnson-Igra is a journalist and a fool for a burrito. His Top 3 burritos are: 1) El Farlito 2) Taqueria Cancun 3) El Toyanese. He made a rap about burritos and you can check out his post. http://www.sfcritic.com/?p=3657

So, press play on this great track by Prefuse 73 off of After Tomorrow’s Parties curated by Tortoise, and read away…

Prefuse 73: “Shitslime Garbage Can vs. My Mp3”

[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/epm0z4vq52.mp3]

“I’ve got no where to go”
except El Farlito! El Farlito
“Bring, bring”
me a burrito!

*Pause until 17 seconds*

Baby I’m hungry
I need a burrito, but got no money
That’s cool though, got some places in minds
Finds I’ve been grindin’ all the time,

*Pause until 41 seconds*

Cancun, Farlito, Taco Loco is cool
But nada, me habale Spanish, so I gotta, find a gringo spot,
I drop it like its hot
Make no mistake
I eat late, ridin the block, with my crew
Al Pastor, taco sauce, you how we do
Extra sticky green, salve verde–comprende?
No tienes menudo porque yo quieto super burrito
Mi madre got the clue though,
starting pickin’ me up with burritos
“Wanna meet up son? I got Carne Asada”

Sometimes, Sometimes

Now I gotta say what up
To El Toyanese because they got the best Tripes
So meet us for lunch, brunch, dinner, or even breakfast
Chorizo, be good no matter time of day,
The best of tongue at El Pastor, I said it before
Number one on my spots–always hot

(Hook at 1:41)

Loco for burritos
I make raps that worse than craps
from burritos