“Time Machine” by Robyn & “Another Life” by Kano: Disco Lives On


Here at SFCritic we are equal-opportunity haters and lovers, and I’m not generally one to defend disco, but I would like offer up exhibits A and B in its defense: Robyn and Kano (not the rapper), an Italodisco outfit from the 1980s. I tend to think disco music has gotten dissed so intensely on the reg over the past few decades that it has actually come to be a somewhat underrated genre. In many ways hip-hop music could never have happened without it as KiD CuDi clearly realizes.That said, disco did produce a whole lot of crappy cultural relics that a lot of people could do without. But, from the strict standpoint of pop music as an historically evolving sonic behemoth, disco continues to resonate across the genres and don’t think for a minute all of the music you hear and love at the club, in your ride and elsewhere doesn’t have its antecedents in disco.

Robyn: “Time Machine”

Outside of modern rock (does anyone listen to that anymore) almost everything out there has elements of disco in it. Robyn, probably one of the best pop stars of the past decade plus, is no exception. Certainly this year, with the possible exception of Lady Gaga, she has to be one of the most supremely talented pop stars we currently have who is also at the height of her disco-influenced powers. She continues on in the vein of dance oriented pop music that Kano came close to perfecting with their song, “Another Life”, almost thirty years ago. The video for the song is also amazing and looks vaguely pornographic/horror film introish.

Enjoy, and give disco another chance.

Kano: “Another Life”
[audio: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11609852/08%20Another%20Life.mp3]