Kanye West ft. KiD CuDi and Raekwon “Gorgeous”: Song of the Day


I don’t think Kanye’s profile could get any bigger. After all, during interviews with Matt Lauer, our former president George W. Bush ended up discussing Kanye instead of, say, Iraq or Afghanistan. Say what you will, but Mr. West has managed to reach a point of near complete saturation. Whether its his tweeting, his 34 minute one part gorgeous and one part really crazy filmĀ Runaways, his foot in mouth moments, or, most importantly, his dope ass music he has managed to become the biggest and most compelling cultural icon we have.

The amazing thing about all of this is that he hasn’t lost his ability to consistently produce stunningly incredible music on the reg. Despite his best efforts his most recent album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has leaked through the dastardly internet. Most of the songs were already available since he had been releasing material via his blog on fridays for the past couple of months but, as Rolling Stone has already pointed out, the album is a peach of a record. Since KidĀ CuDi‘s new album just dropped, we figured we would give him some love too and Raekwon, well, yeah, he’s Raekwon. So yeah, here is SFCritic’s song of the day.

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend.

Kanye West (ft. KiD CuDi and Raekwon):Gorgeous”