Wacka Flacka Barakca Mocka!


Needless to say some people seem to like Wacka Flakcka, and if you have no idea whom I’m talking about–well, you’re probably better off. Fortunately, some people realize the sheer stupidity of Wacka Flacka’s “Hard In The Paint,” and have made their own parody. So first, take a look at Wacka Flacka’s video, below:

Notice every label’s marketing tool: scantily glad BIG BOOTY girls, talk of guns/drugs/hood, the Phantom (oh lalala!), and what appears to be a directors shout out to Training Day (Denzel says to Ethan don’t go here without me).

Now, check out this parody of the film, below:

Aren’t you glad you wasted your time looking at this? Shout out to Kontrast for the heads up on this.