TV Girl “If You Want It”


“Hello it’s me,” he says softly to the girl. Her coy smile peeks from behind her disheveled hair. Her skin is warm, burning with passion and despair. He can’t remember or forget that stare and the way it used to be. He can’t move on just yet. The relationship ended long before she put out the cigarette–but he can still taste the sweetness.

TV Girl: “If You Want It” (Removed Upon Request Because of the Todd Rundgren Sample)
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“Hello it’s me
You wander into the bedroom
You’re drunk, we’ve done this before
You stumble over, like three seconds later
And kick your boots off to the floor
I can hardly see your eyes, you’ve forgotten to put your hair up,
I can see you learned some tricks from those boys over in Europe,
But still it kind of makes me like to see,
How quick we fall into all those old habits and patterns,

If you want it, you got it.
You only want it when you’re drunk.
My friends say, you’re obnoxious.
You’re not so bad when we’re alone.”

“If You Want It,” is by the San Diego based group, TV Girl. The struggle of breaking up never was more clear. The group, comprised of Trung Ngo and Brad Peterson, released this song on their self-titled EP. “If You Want It” builds on the chillwave, 50’s glo pop style adding a hip hop flare with a Todd Rundgren sample. Another great track to hear is “It’s Not Something.” The album perfectly frames the nostalgia mixed with pain of breaking up. You can download the album for free here.

Here’s a question though, did they rip off Todd Rundgren TOO MUCH?

Todd Rundgren: “Hello It’s Me”