The Bloody Beetroots and Geographer This Week!


the bloody beetroots
Excited about the Giants? Get your dancing shoes on tonight for The Bloody Beetroots. The Italian trio will be performing tonight at Mezzanine. After suggesting that most electronic pop was washing away down the drain, a friend recently encouraged me to check these guys out. Take the edginess of Justice, and combine it with aerodynamics of Daft Punk, and you have “Fucked From Above 1985.” I mean, bloody hell, doesn’t this live review sound crazy (thanks to The New Montreal):

…the familiar “Ole! Ole! Ole!” chant heard at a Habs game, the hundreds of sweat-drenched fanatics screamed “Bloody, Bloody!”, beckoning the venom-masked Italian trio. The band didn’t waste a second, jumping onstage at 12:30am (very early for Montreal) and pushing the decibels without break for 2 hours. With the help of a Gibson SG guitar (and a slew of crunchy pedals), a Gibson Thunderbird bass, and stacks of synthesizers, as well as band mates Tommy Tea (on mixers) and Edward Grinch (on drums), Sir Bob ‘Cornelius’ Rifo proved to be a master front man. Somebody call the Queen, I think we’re ready to get that “sir” legitimized.

The Bloody Beetroots: “Fucked From Above 1985

This Friday, one of SFCritic’s favorite local bands, Geographer, will perform at the Rickshaw Stop. SFCritic met up with the trio earlier this year for an interview at SXSW 2010. Geographer have an uncanny ability to combine pop music with raw emotion. Take my roommate. One moment he’ll be dancing to their latest album, Animal Shapes, the next staring longingly out the window with a tears building (and for the record he’s not bipolar). “Can’t You Wait,” which sounds like an affectionate pop song, is about the premature death of lead singer Michael Deni’s sister. Below is the song “Each Other’s Ghost,” from their first album, Innocent Ghosts.

Geographer: “Each Other’s Ghost