Santigold Where You At?


I want some Santigold. In recent news, Santigold (no longer “Santogold”) is featured on the Beastie Boys new album, but other than that–the punk and hip hop star has been relatively quiet since breaking onto the scene a couple of years back. After hearing a track of hers randomly during my daily pursuits, I decided to dig up some old remixes.

“I’m A Lady” is interesting because it’s not really a remix, per se, because Amanda Blank’s verse is basically LL Cool J’s “I Need Love,” with a few tweaks. Throw Diplo (M.I.A. past producer) onto the mix, and you’ve got a damn good song.

Another great album was Terry Urban’s Southerngold” which feature Santigold’s beats with Southern rappers.

Santigold ft. Amanda Blank: “I’m A Lady” (Diplo Remix)


Santigold: “Hustin’ With The Lights Out” (Ft. Rick Ross)

Santigold: “Still Tippin It” (Ft. Paul Wall, Mike Jones & Slim Thug)