Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On” from Lazers


Lupe Fiasco Lazers
Lupe Fiasco hasn’t kicked, pushed in a minute, but alas, “The Show Goes On” is the first official single from his (highly?) anticipated new album, Lasers. The track which plays on the lyrics of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” (‘Alright, already and we all float on”) is catchy–if only because it reminds listeners of that great song. Lupe has put together some great pop gems, lastly notable “Superstar,” but I’m always bothered by the critique a friend of mine once had of him. He doesn’t always rap on beat. Occasionally it sounds like he’s a 1/8 beat fast on the off beat, or just showing off his Chicago fast rhyme (ala Twista) without keeping in mind where the beat drops. Either way this track will surely be a crowd pleaser, if only because of the production of Kane Beatz. Lasers is set to be released March 8th, 2011.

Lupe Fiasco: “The Show Goes On