Kanye West “Runaway”


Kanye West has come a long way since his drunken MTV tirade and 808s & Heartbreak. It’s easy to say he’s endured both the ups and downs of super stardom, but so have his fans. Personally, Kanye no longer is the character I once embraced. His image has been tainted by his shenanigans and struggles. This is not to blame Kanye, but to usher an awareness that as I listen to his new music, I can’t help but sympathize for him, wondering if he feels trapped in a pop bubble. Wondering if people loved 808s & Heartbreak if he’d still be experimenting.

The recent slew of G.O.O.D. Friday tracks, particularly “Good Friday” and “Christian Dior,” sound like old Kanye–and not like, “damn this shit is hot like College Dropout, old school style.” No, its sounds type cast, Louis, Prada, bouncing soul beats to make college kids dance. The critical substance of “Diamonds Are Forever” is gone.

Imagine my excitement when Kanye apologized to Taylor Swift with his single, “Runaway.” A character unfolds and is revealed. Sure, his publicist probably told him he didn’t have a choice. But add the Spike Lee video he did, and maybe you’ll see that Kanye is humanizing himself. Then this week he created “Runaway” a thirty-minute musical–yes, musical. I suggest you take a look, cause it’s honest with lines like “I found bravery in bravado.”

Here are two new tracks from Kanye West.

Kanye West: “Runaway” (Ft. Pusha T)
(This track was removed for illegal sharing purposes…shiiiit)

Kanye West: “Play The Game” (Ft. John Legend)
[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/bzii0d8pft.mp3]