SOTD: Uffie “Difficult”



Uffie’s “Difficult” is a synth-pop song with a hop hop drum sequence–and a nursery-esque piano loop and is damn addictive. Talk about a global citizen, Uffie, born Anna Catharine-Hartley, was born in Miami, raised in Hong Kong, and currently, based in Paris. Ok, so while that has nothing really to do with her music–she does provide an interesting twist to hip hop. Think Mattafix meets Lily Allen meets Kid Sister–if artist comparisons mean anything. She has worked with artists like Pharell, Mr. Oizo, and SebastiAN. Her album, Sex Dreams and Denin Jeans, (how cute! she does R-rated nursery rhymes) was released in the US in June of this year. What do you think? Is she a phase?

Uffie: “Difficult

Uffie ft. Pharrel (Armand Van Helden Remix): “Add Suv”