Far East Movment (50 Cent): TAKE OVER!


Far East Movement 50cent

Every year a dance track takes over the airwaves. It just so happens that this year it’s Far East Movement’s “G6.” The single is off the group’s major label debut, Free Wired. From remix to remix, this track is a phoenix, and 50 cent’s latest go is no different. You just got to be pleased if you’re the Far East Movement to have one of the richest musicians in music (really 50 cent can flip his name to 1/2 billy-ion) takes the time to remix your track.  The beat itself is what everyone can’t get enough of–for now at least. So we wouldn’t want to deprive you of your “G6” even though there may be a Gatorade called that soon to quench your thirst.

Far East Movement (50 Cent Remix): G6″
[audio: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11609852/Far_East_Movement_feat_50_Cent_-_Like_%20A_G6%201.mp3]