Your 5 Minute Guide to Saturday at The Treasure Island Music Festival


Word on the street is that tickets are still available for San Francisco’s own little indie music festival extravaganza, Treasure Island. So whether you already have tix, are on the fence because you’re not sure you’re up for showering twice this weekend or just now heard about this dope ass festival because you live under a rock in Golden Gate, this guide is for you. Between the two stages and two days a super solid mix of indie faves will be bringing the fun. Longer sets and one fewer stages mean that it will be a bit less frantic than Pitchfork and some of the other mega festivals that go down across the country. The good folks in charge of Treasure Island have done everyone a favor and alternated time slots between the two stages to minimize scheduling conflicts. I understand that during these all-day festivals one must occasionally take a break to rehydrate, grab a burrito and maybe text/makeout with/pine for that cutie you were hoping to meet up with, but unless you inadvertently wind up in “The Chillout Tent” due to some bad shrooms–it happens to the best of us–don’t miss these acts:


LCD Soundsystem (Bridge Stage) 9:35-10:50.

Prolly had my favorite song of the past decade, “All My Friends.” Their most recent superhyped album, This is Happening, actually may have lived up to expectations. Sometimes rumors swirl that LCD is nearing the conclusion of its project to make my life better so definitely catch them while you still can. Sometimes by the time the headliners come on at these festivals your legs feel like jello, you realize it was a horrible idea to wear Vans without socks and a hangover is setting in after 9 hours of day drinking and you aren’t really sure if you can stick out one more 2 hour set before you may pass out from exhaustion or find yourself asleep in a dusty corner. Don’t let this happen or your friends and family will judge you and first the first time those people who call you a poser might actually be right. Their inevitable rendition of Drunk Girls during this set will probably be epic. Yes, epic.

LCD Soundsystem: “You Wanted a Hit”

!!! (Bridge Stage) 4:35-5:25

I saw them rock out a midday slot at Pitchfork a few years back. Legitimately perfect for a daytime slot. High energy, high flying dance-rock that won’t lull you to sleep or into sun drenched boredom. They kind of look like a party onstage and the crowd will respond appropriately. If you wanna impress your date with your ability to jump up and down rhythmically with your hands in the air as you bob your head from side to side this is your chance.

!!!: “AM/FM”

Maus Haus (Bridge Stage) 12:00-12:45

After about thirty seconds I can’t think of a more appropriate band to open the show up. These four SF-based dudes kind of have this relaxed, rhythmic thing that is perfect for setting up your blanket, sparking up some medicinal for the glaucoma you may or may not get one day, enjoying some midday sun and getting the requisite people watching out of the way while people are still freshly showered and looking good. Bop your head, tap your foot and go help these local guys out by picking up a record to go with your ice-cold microbrews.

Maus Haus: “Rigid Breakfast”

Get amped. Have fun. D.A.N.C.E. Drink water. Don’t be a hater. Do compliment people on their ironic t-shirts or sweet sneakers.¬†Look for a Sunday guide tomorrow.