Help! Oakland’s 21 Grand Performance & Art Gallery


21 Grand Oakland
Photo by Flickr user kathybukes

Oakland’s Grand 21 has received a cease and desist cabaret activity letter which could ultimately shut down the space without local support. The performance and art gallery space has been influential in the local scene for the last ten years. While the permit issues are sorted, the venue will not be able to hold live performances, which was one of their sources of revenue. In hopes of paying rent, Grand 21 held a rummage sale this past weekend. For the venue to continue they will need any form of support.

Grand 21 has zoning clearance for clauses of “community assembly,” and “cultural non-assembly,” and have asked supporters for any creative suggestions for organizing. If you’re interested in being involved, or learning more you can contact them at

The venue has showcased many types of artists, and performers from all types of background, including an SFCritic favorite: Lil B. Here is a track of Lil B and Gucci Mane:

Gucci Mane ft Lil B: Break Yourself (Diplo Remix)

In other news, the venue’s Executive and Programming Director, Sarah Lockhart, has stepped down from her position after ten years. No specifics have been given whether there is a connection between the recent events.

Special thanks to The Bay Bridged for putting us on to the story.