LoveLikeFire’s New Album Dust Available in Advance


Its been barely a year since their debut LP Tear Ourselves Away dropped in August of 2009 but  SF-based LoveLikeFire, a band I had the privilege of catching in Chicago a couple of years ago, has just made their upcoming album Dust available for purchase/download via bandcamp with one song, “Saint Martin“, available for free.

LoveLikeFire: “Saint Martin”

Here is the full track list:

1. Moon
2. Dust
3. In My Room
4. Came to Me
5. What Happened To You
6. Golden Age
7. So Be It
8. Feel On The Floor
9. Unexpected Visitors
10. Saint Martin
11. Young and Gifted
12. Falling Asleep

My initial reaction is that the band continues to mature and make smart use of lead singer Ann Yu’s great voice, refining already compelling atmospherics. Look for a more detailed review soon and check out tickets for their upcoming show at The Independent where they are opening for Film School on Tuesday, October 19th.

Meanwhile, enjoy this bonus of their absolutely stunning cover of The Magnetic Fields “Abigail, Belle of Kilronain.

(The Magnetic Fields cover)LoveLikeFire: “Abigail, Belle of Kilronain