Pavement performs “Gold Soundz” on Colbert


Pavement: “Cut Your Hair

If you live under a rock and haven’t made it to one of Pavement’s shows this summer here is them doing Colbert last night. Stephen Malkmus clearly anticipated the rise of lolcatz and knew using Zs instead of Ss was gonna be all the rage on the interwebz. Mad props Stevie. Also, Pitchfork continues to think you were the greatest band of the 90s, which is pretty cool, I guess. Along with Noah Baumbach films you do kind of sum up the disenchanted Gen X intellectual into Yuppie movement pretty succinctly.

Anyway, between Dismemberment Plan getting back together and Pavement doing their reunion tour I feel like this might have been the best year ever to be a dude in his early 40s to travel around, rock 15 year old t-shirts and follow transcendental bands that altered his late 20s before saying “Fuck it. Private pre-k is like 30 grand  a year, the Audi needs work and Johnny Walker Blue is expensive. I’m going corporate.” This may or may be what my future holds. And yes, you are cooler than all of those people who dropped 300 dollars to see Sting not hit the high notes in “Roxanne” a few years ago. No word yet on a Galaxie 500 reunion tour, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Pavement – Gold Soundz