Tamaryn Release Party Live Review


Tamaryn The Waves

My friend turned to me and said “Tamaryn is the epitome of shoegaze.” While the buzzing San Francisco band performed like a shoegaze group, standing motionless, strumming away tripped out grooves, the association is limiting. Embedded within sweeping guitar chords, and methodical rhythms is an ease, and gentleness that is comforting and alarming like the ocean. Lead singer Tamaryn states some of her inspiration comes from her day job at a psychiatrists’ office, which can be heard in the melancholy tone of her voice. Yet it’s the contrast of her voice with the guitar, which shines brightly that creates such a pleasant dynamic.

This Wednesday night at The Elbo Room marked the release party for their new album The Waves released on the highly reputable Mexican Summer label. Their album reminds me of Pure Ecstasy (I’ve heard comparisons to My Bloody Valentine) with familiar elements of lo-fi garage apparent in sometimes indiscernible lyrics, but then the reverb of the guitar and drums sound like surf rock. The style is fresh and clearly gaining a following. The packed venue was full of sweaty trendsters impeccably dressed with the latest in (old) fashion, but everyone must feel cool knowing their own the brink of something hip.

Tamaryn: “Love Fade”
[audio: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11598506/03%20Love%20Fade.mp3]