The Dismemberment Plan is Getting Back Together (at least briefly)


The coolest band I liked before I got to college, DC’s The Dismemberment Plan is reuniting after a 7 year hiatus. Below is part of the statement they issued via their website:

It’s been awhile, no? We’ve been working on something for about two years now, and I’m not sure how we kept this under our hats for so long, but we did.

We’re reissuing Emergency & I on vinyl, and it’s coming out January 11th on Barsuk Records. The music was re-mastered from the original 1/2-inch tapes, keeping it analog every step of the way, and it’s going to be on 180-gram double-vinyl, four songs per side, with the fourth side being bonus tracks from hard-to-find releases. Being double vinyl, the packaging is a lovely gatefold — with the art in the right order — and will include an oral history of making the record, pictures from that era and of course the lyrics. Am I missing anything?

I don’t remember exactly how I first came across them but I know it was just after the release of 2001’s Change, which was a pretty seminal record during my rather extended adolescence (unofficially it stretches into your 20s). They were by far the closest to “indie” I ever got at the age of 16 and compared to my otherwise pedestrian and predictable sonic appetite (Radiohead, Bob Marley, emocore, Nine Inch Nails, etc) they remain just about the only thing that proves I had a modicum of taste back then.

Anyway, they are gonna play a handful of East Coast (DC, NYC, Philly and Cambridge, Mass) shows to honor a vinyl re-mastered reissue of Emergency & I, which everybody basically agrees is like the best stuff ever. Nothing yet about any brand new material or an extended tour but I bet if the response is strong and positive enough that could be in the offing.

Dismemberment Plan: “What Do You Want Me To Say