Live Review: JBM and AA Bondy at New Parish



JBM, aka Jesse Marchant, opened ((FOLK YEAH!)) last Tuesday for A.A. Bondy. JBM’s hypnotically crooned lyrics are complemented by pure Renaissance-man style music talent. He manipulates an electric guitar with his hands, plays the drums and symbol with his feet, while singing and playing harmonica with his mouth.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about JBM, his live performance sounded just as good if not better than his recorded music. His music is so under produced that the actual music is allowed to be at equal with lyrics and singing. His performance could have easily been a boring, folky-whine but instead was just honest enough to be engaging.

Next up came A.A. Bondy, aka August Arthur Bondy, a Birmingham, Alabama native. In “Rapture, Sweet, Rapture” he sings “I don’t want to hear about Jesus, I just want to see his face/ The trees are swinging like hanging men, I just want to see his face.” Rapture, Sweet, Rapture is not the only song that is reminiscent of Southern hypocrisy. Almost all of his lyrics reference drugs, alcohol and religion.

Atmosphere is important to Bondy, he had the lights turned low as he nursed a double shot of Glenlivet. His stage presence is incredible and captivating. During his performance the entire audience was fixed on the him.

AA Bondy

I had the privilege of sitting down with Bondy after the show. I couldn’t tell if he was being modest, sarcastic, funny or just douche-baggingly insulting. He referred to lyrics about burning heroine as “a children’s song.” He blew off almost any question I asked him or instead addressed someone else in his entourage. But hey, he did give me a great new word, “Shilty”, or shitty and guilty.

-Written by Angela Bacca and Photographs by Eric Lawson