Lady Gaga Looks Like…


Lady Gaga and Elton JohnAbove: Elton John (left) and Lady Gaga (right)

Lady Gaga:Alejandro” (Rusko Papuseria Remix)

Recently magazine had a photo piece comparing the many looks of Gaga to other famous celebrities including Madonna (of course), Elton John (of course), Cher (no shit?), and Patti Labelle (oh interesting). While Gaga looks less attractive to her counterparts (besides Patti Labelle), the modeling of styles and costumes (or lack thereof) are uncannily similar. One of the most interesting things about Gaga (for me) is her image and pop cultural awareness. While comparisons to Madonna have been made, I appreciate how Gaga continues to similarly push societal norms in the case of her music “Alejandro.” The video seems to expand from Madonna’s “Express Yourself” incorporating bondage with themes of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and homosexual relationships.
Lady Gaga and Patti LabelleAbove: Patti Labelle (left) and Lady Gaga (right)

Lady Gaga
: “Alejandro