Das Racist “Who’s That Broooown” Video(game) is 100% Lawlz


Das Racist, those lovably tongue-in-cheek Brooklyn hip-hoppers released a videogame to go along with their hilarious new video “Who’s That Brooown.” It’s an ode to the good ‘ole days of 8 bit gaming that I’m barely old enough to remember. Fight yuppies, dodge vapid BK model/hipsters, give Dov Charney the last business he’s ever likely to get and help them find their missing hypeman, Dap, so they can fill in for Jay-Z and Justin Bieber. Yeah, its as great as it sounds.

It’s almost painfully hilarious. And if you haven’t already downloaded their album do yourself a favor and get it here. If you don’t have time to play the game and want to retain some semblance of work productivity you can peep the video below.