Download Music #FF: Lupe Fiasco, J Dilla, Tame Impala & more…


Lupe Fiasco: “Go To Sleep
When Lupe Fiasco came kick-push-coasting his way out of Chicago, he had the kind of unprecedented momentum hip-hop fans wouldn’t see again until…well, Drake. Lupe looked poised to pop like so much champagne. Fast forward four years and fans are getting antsy awaiting his daily delayed third album, Lazers, and it looks like they’ll have to wait a little longer on that—he just announced his latest single, “Go To Sleep,” is actually from an LP entitled Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album. Confused? Yeah, us too.

Diego Garcia: “You Were Never There
With a flickering, old school Iglesias touch, Diego Garcia’s Latin croon is one for the bedroom. “You Were Never There” is today’s aural aphrodisiac—a gentle flush of guitars and strings, yelping hooks, and love-worn lyrics.

Small Black: “Photojournalist
Having progressed from dirty to stretchy, Small Black’s preview of their debut is more nu-age weirdness than lo-fi smear. And yet, “Photojournalist”” still sounds like it was recorded in a bathtub. This is a good thing! More clarified psych-pop to come, when Jagjaguwar unleashes New Chain on October 26.

Dax Riggs: “Let Me Be Your Cigarette” We’re not really getting the metaphor here, but it doesn’t matter because those words just sound good over Stooges-on-Sub-Pop downstroking. Never let lyrical confusion get in the way of a good rock song. Dax Riggs–formerly of deadboy & the Elephantmen and Acid Bath–releases his second debut album, Say Goodnight To The World, today through Fat Possum.

J Dilla: “Safety Dance
Not much more can be said about James Yancey other than he was undoubtedly one of the greatest musical innovators of our time and he died before we were ready to let him go. On this track, Dilla takes Men Without Hats “Safety Dance,” turning it into a hip hop banger.

Tame Impala: “Solitude Is Bliss” (Canyons’ Remix)
What a nice bunch Tame Impala look—surprisingly enough, Canyons doesn’t turn “Solitude Is Bliss” into a grind metal rager, or an obnoxious slab of guttural, chainsaw-wobble dubstep. It sounds how they look: charming, at peace, ultimately chill.