Download #FF: Lissie, Diplo, Simian Mobile Disco and more


The Drums: “Down By The Water
The Drums take an unexpected left turn on “Down By The Water,” eschewing their affable, sunburnt pop for a ‘50s under-the-sea-themed prom ballad. Of course, it’s still great: twangy, water-logged, and full of sway. Use it as a catalyst to slow dance with a balloon nudged between you and your date, or to nab the band’s eponymous debut on Downtown come September.

Maximum Balloon:Groove Me” Ft. Theophilus London (Jneiro Jarel Remix)
While TV On The Radio recharge their batteries post-Dear Science whirlwind, resident technician Dave Sitek is using time off to blow up Maximum Balloon, his new solo-producer-plus-guest-vocalists recording endeavor. Among the record’s list of collaborators is Brooklyn phenom Theophilus London, who wound up voicing the next single “Groove Me,” which sounds like a less obtuse, more futuristic TVOTR with heavier drums. Not mad at that, obviously. It’s been overhauled here by DOOM collaborator and Philly beat guru Jnerio Jarel—his version is a little less cocksure, a little more teetering, buzz-drunk synths splayed out over able MPC juggling.

PRGz: “Stop N Go” (prod. Diplo)
PRGz (that’s Paper Route Gangstaz for the brevity averse) always sound super excited. And their energetic twang can make otherwise boring subject matter completely engaging. Diplo’s dub-steppy backdrop that sort of sounds like someone shooting BBs into a pool doesn’t hurt either.

Simian Mobile Disco: “Nerve Salad
The sullen, anxious throb of “Nerve Salad” sounds like it was recorded in some dank chamber a world away from the one that knows Simian Mobile Disco as purveyors of prime time electro-house, but its enigmatic progress should keep ears locked until the streetlights flicker off.

Lissie: “In Sleep” (Live)
And with that, previously understated Americana songstress Lissie officially traverses into enigmatic-like-Stevie-Nicks territory. Seriously though, this is live? It sounds like she’s summoning the wrath of Zeus upon whichever doofus left her heartbroken. That voice is a force of nature. Her debut album, Catching A Tiger, came out yesterday through Fat Possum. This song is on it, but this version is only available here.