Outside Lands 2010 in Photos


Outside Lands 2010 scaled back to two days, but was twice as effective. The lineup for both days on paper described as “eclectic”by many media outlets (a polite way of saying “huh?”) actually made perfect sense audibly. Saturday was a smorgasbord of jam, party or dance bands. From Pretty Lights and Bassnectar (electronic), to Gogol Bordello and My Morning Jacket (party rock), or Further (jam band)–the day was filled with bright, fun music for dancing. Sunday focused on head bobbing music intended for listening and two steps. From Damian Marley & Nas (hip hop), to Mayer Hawthorne and Al Green (soul music), to Phoenix and Kings of Leon (indie rock)–Sunday was filled great, easy listening music.

Photos by Victoria Smith and Patrick Kelly