Music Submissions: Moe Green & As A People


Moe Green: Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match”

Moe Green’s new LP Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match is a lesson in punch lines and jabs for those training emcees trying to step in the ring. For the upcoming Vallejo emcee, Green has wit, style and grace. Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match is a balanced record with cruising songs (“Ride”), jump-offs (“Don’t Hurt Me”) and raw lyricism (“KIM”). Raps like “I beat the beat,” (from “Ride”) both an ode to Jersey Shore and a word play, are both funny and witty. While many emcees push their rhyme patterns, emphasizing lyrical metaphors on-beat measures, Green rhymes confidently and subtly. With “Kim,” he coyly raps “I’m dope / I’m high, wings flapping / But I always get higher.” For now Moe Green represents the Out Crowd, but he won’t be an outsider for long.

Sounds like: Asheru goin’ dumb while smokin’ a blunt
Listen to: KIM, Ride, Don’t Hurt Me

As A People: “Ready For Work”

As A People is a rock group perversely ready to twist your mind. Ready For Work, the group’s new EP, is a promising jump from their first album Carpet Bomb Ballet. “Fireworks” and “Hope It Don’t Stop” are jaunting, blood pulsating tracks that shine around lead singer Adam Yas’ (almost) operatic vocals. Think System of a Down, minus the Creed undertones, and jack hammer drumming/guitar. On “One Last Blast,” the pace is slowed, a nice shift. Towards the end of “One Last Blast,” (around 2:40) a killer guitar solo showcases the band’s overall talent. This is a promising EP from a satisfyingly haunting group putting in the work.

Sounds like: A System of Down on Quaalude
Listen to: Fireworks, One Last Blast