Download Trés Styles – Summer Mixtape


Trés Styles from The Athletic Mic League (Mayer Hawthorne’s crew) out of Detroit put some good ‘ol school hip hop. This mixtape is light, easy and breezy. It’s free download, and here are a few words from the man himself about the release:

Whudupdoe?!  I’m sending out a free download of my first solo project entitled “Summer Love: The Mixtape” which is mixed entirely by DJ Graffiti.  It’s been a long time coming, so I appreciate your love and support. This project is meant to provide love themed songs over feel-good music, perfect vibe for the Summer time. Every song captures an aspect of love that I, and hopefully you, have gone through at some point in life.  So check it out, turn it up and feel the vibe! Please feel free to share it, and play it, wherever and with whomever you please! ” –Trés Styles