Pitchfork Riding Popularity Wave


Is Pitchfork playing it safe, or is it just riding the cool wave? One of our writers (William) pointed out this criticism of Pitchfork to me earlier today. Entitled¬† “What Cool Does To Your Score,” the article suggests that Pitchfork’s scoring of Ariel Pink’s albums have increased paralleling lo-fi’s growing popularity. The argument isn’t overly developed, and while I don’t disagree with The Decibel Tolls’ general point, I feel there is more to this picture.

Don’t call me Pitchfork’s defender, but while many music bloggers will criticize the once small (now huge!) music website for it’s “lack of individuality”–I’ll be the scab. I’ve read some comments by Pitchfork writer in forums I participate in (see “Scottp4k here
), and here’s my inference: they wouldn’t deny riding the cool wave. To the extent that Pitchfork rides the wave, they are also the ocean that everyone jumps in to surf, while the kids that discovered the waves are just riding for the fun of it…

What are your thoughts?