Pop Female Vocalist Styles


This is completely self-indulgent, so forgive me for that–but as I listened, researched about Giselle Rosselli, the singer featured on Flight Facilities single “Crave You,” I couldn’t help but think to myself–this sounds familiar. Mind you I was surprised when I learned (via Wikipedia) that this is her renown hit.

So I was digging through my memory of female vocalists, imagine who would play besides Giseelle in a smoky jazz bar somewhere below a basement club. As I searched, I started categorizing vocals styles between sultry and dark (Roisin Murphy) or playfully sweet and coy. The paradigm seems reflective of the celebrity female’s choice of public persona: sexual or innocent / slut or conservative.

Either way, I have a soft spot for female vocalist, particularly those with deeper voice (Fiona Apple, Ella Fitzgerald, etc..) so please feel free to toss in suggestions and your thoughts on female vocal styles.

Meanwhile, check out some of these examples.

Sultry and Dark

Handsome Boy Modeling School – “The Truth” (Ft. Roisin Murphy)

Aimee Man: “Save Me

Esthero: “Superheroes”

Sweeter Innocent

The Postmarks: “Let Go

Kate Nash: “Foundations