Music Submissions: Still Flyin’ & Mesita


Mesita: “No Worries” [EP]

I admire the passion, persistence of any artist (who follows up with me) because it reminds me of myself. So when James Cooley (aka Mesita) sent me one last email with the subject line “Thought I’d give it one more shot…” I listened. I’m glad I did. Mesita, originally from Denver, now based in Seattle, is just James playing and recording in his basement. His latest EP No Worries combines familiar (sometimes too familiar) dreamy folk rock with electronic undertones. “Excited For the Future” is cute with lyrics like “as soon as the plane touches tonight, we’re going to be just fine for the future.” While many of the songs might feel wish washy, there is an usual moment where a trumpet confidently blares on (“At A Loss”) or electronic sequence (“Excited For The Future”) shifts the mood creating something altogether fresh. At times, he layers his vocals in a fashion reminiscent of Bon Iver, which feels cheap–but if that’s my only complain–well, then you can be assured I’m interested in hearing more.

Sounds like: Bon Iver not alone in a cabin
Listen to: Excited For The Future, At A Loss (also check out “You’re Free Spirit“)

Still Flyin’: ”

The San Francisco group is re-inventing their whimsical pop, incorporating romantic synth vibes, motorik grooves, and the occasional smooth sax on their new EP, A Party In Motion. “Bull Riff” feels like something Ariel Pink might make after watching Revenge of The Nerds (think the closing scene where they do a techno routine at the fair grounds), but totally different because it’s actually upbeat and fun. In the email we received the group added:

“We are so excited about the chances of 2010. 2010 is all about chances. A chance to invent an invention. A chance to patent that invention. A chance to patent what you’ve always dreamt of inventing. ”

The group’s style reflects 60s pop as it moved towards 70s psych rock, but never ventures too much into that realm of “man that’s far out.” It’s light, fun, and its so easy to fly away with.

Sounds like: The 90s pop you’re parents thought sounded like something they grew up with
Listen to: Higher Than Five, Bull Riff