Broken Social Scene @ The Fillmore



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I did not know what to expect from the Broken Social Scene. Friends have raved about them, but I had never picked them up. I had a vague memory of shooting them at Coachella years ago with no impression.

There was no photo pit and the room was packed out. I consoled my flask of Jameson, and when it was near empty I manned my way to the front. Don’t know that I’ve ever met a more encouraging crowd. Smiles, back pats and information on the band given and given again. These fans were enthusiasts. I made it tight to the front right. I promised the girls I would only be there for the first three songs, as are the rules, but they wanted me to stay so I stayed an extra song (secretly to my delight) since this was these folks FAVORITE band I was not gonna stay in the way. The girl told me she would hold the spot if I wanted to come back. Pretty sweet/drunk stranger; who does that really?

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