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BLK JKS is a Jo’burg four-piece that’s made waves in Europe and America with an enchanting, rhythmically dense blend psych-rock, prog, and dub. Their spry, jubilant, kwaito-referencing “Zol!” arrives on an EP of the same name, a follow-up of sorts to last year’s South African Music Awards-winning After Robots LP.

Sia: “You’ve Changed
With “You’ve Changed,” Sia sounds more like Annie, venturing away from her indie folk sound into a electro disco boogie that makes me reminisce about shaking my rump wearing bell bottoms on Soul Train.

Beach Fossil: “Youth
Self-described as “pop/jungle/tropical” you can sort of get a feel for this lo-fi sounding, Beach Boys influenced sound. “Youth” is a mellow, but groovy track, sure to be a nice addition to any summer playlist.