Music Submissions: Solid Gold & Toro Y Moi


By Camden Andrews

Sugar and Gold: “Get Wet”

You can already begin to picture what a band called Sugar and Gold releasing a CD called Get Wet sounds like by this information alone. Glitzy, flamboyant disco pop that doesn’t hold the cheese, this San Francisco quintet draws influences from groups like Gravy Train!!! and of Montreal and have spent time on tour with both. Whether the professionalism of these groups rubbed off or they developed it on their own, Sugar and Gold are a local favorite, known for wild live sets that get crowds moving. But beyond having a good time, Sugar and Gold don’t put the music on the backburner. “Body Aches” shows the band knows how to slow things down, paying careful attention to each synth layer to add some touch to the bump. Get Wet was just released on April 27th, and the band is currently on the road to promote it.

Sounds Like: Of Montreal if they made disco in the 70s
Listen To: Feels Like Fire, Body Aches

Toro y Moi: “Causers of This

Most ‘chillwave’ producers probably hate the term. It surfaced some time last year, lumped with a bunch of similar sounding artists that all seemed to arise at once. South Carolina’s Chaz Bundick, the man behind Toro y Moi, has been lumped in this category, and he does sound pretty similar to guys like Neon Indian and Memory Tapes, but his range of influences extend beyond the pseudo-genre. Causers of This hits like a warm blanket with the opener “Blessa,” but if you listen closely past the sedation, you’ll hear Bundick’s R&B sensibilities behind the mic over carefully crafted and modulated beats throughout the album. “Fax Shadow” sounds like it could have been a Flying Lotus song with the edges dulled, providing some glitch to keep things interesting without splitting your ears. If this whole “chillwave” thing sticks, it’s good to know that the artists it describes are already starting to venture outside its expectations.

Sounds Like: Flying Lotus on a lot of painkillers
Listen To: Blessa, Fax Shadow, Low Shoulder