Florence and the Machine Live at Mezzanine


By Big Vic SmithAll Photos by Victoria Smith

Florence Welch, of the Brit band Florence and the Machine, has a strong voice that channels Grace Slick. Perhaps feeling the earthy San Francisco vibe, she entered the stage barefoot and in an all white outfit that could have easily been purchased on Haight Street. Another sign of her Grace Slickdom is the bands t-shirts for sale: they have a photo of Florence holding a big white rabbit, an animal Grace Slick epitomized with Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit in 1967.

They chose an unsophisticated band to open for them that would lose an audience around a campfire however the crowd managed to wait in boredom and give Flo a warm welcome. She tiptoe danced around the stage, jumping and belting. The tunes didn’t grab me, however her strong voice, milky white skin, slender attractive body and apparent yearning to operate on the peripheral did. Florence seemed to be trying to evoke a mystical spirit. This 23-year-old has the potential if she can get a decent songwriter on board. She will then have the material backing her attitude and talent, leaving no need for tiptoeing. The fans stayed in packed and happy till the end.