Free Mp3 Fridays


Frightened Rabbits: “Heads Roll Off”
Not to be confused with Bad Rabbits, the Scottish band is buzzing with positive feedback. Recently, NPR put them on the song of the day, so I got to jump on the bandwagon. Really though, they’ve got something good going, take a look.

M. Ward ft. Zooey Deschanel: “Never Have Nobody Like You
M. Ward is this dark rock blues that is both chilling and upbeat. His vocals are distinguished by the lo-fi distortion. Zooey Deschanel, the gorgeous actress and half of She & Him, is the sweet songstress that says “a-b-c-1-2-3.” Together, they make a catchy summer jam.

Javelin: “Oh! Centra”
Their bio claims that most of No Más, their debut LP for Luaka Bop, is sample-less, filled instead with probably-tweaked-after-the-fact playing on actual instruments, which adds a whole new WTF-ish layer to everything. Listen for yourself via the freebie “Oh! Centra”—sort of like Salt-N-Pepa by way of Super Mario Brothers. (This song might annoy you at first, and then all of sudden you’re like “let’s do the monkey’s butt.”)

Hortlax Cobra: “This Time That’s It
Hortlax Cobra is John Eriksson, the bald and time-keeping third of Swedish pop dandies Peter Bjorn and John. “This Time That’s It,” which sort of sounds like PB&J (clean, blithe, catchy), but also sounds a lot like Kraftwerk (spare, synthy, unhuman).