Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Slim’s


Story and photos by Victoria Smith

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) have it. The swagger, sex appeal, cool songs–it’s all there. These things are appealing in rock ‘n roll. Their ‘home’ show at Slim’s on March 10th was packed with a cool ‘in’ crowd.

The band was in the essence of its mojo amongst the flashing strobe lights. Both men have cool careless hair and wore black clad. Thirty-five minutes into their set, the venue was threatened by the police to be shut down. The band thinking they had to wrap it up stepped off stage. But the show went on! Levon Been (vocalist, and guitarist) returned to stage alone and performed so sweet and delicately Bob Dylan’s, “Visions of Johanna.” Coincidentally, someone had told me earlier that I looked like Bob Dylan’s’ girlfriend; and another on top of that the day before I had been doing my errands with that song on repeat; and later that night played it for my lover and we had a dance. See, so, this show was hitting my spot.

“Synchronicity” was the word on my mind that brought my lips to smile. As I figured I was meant to be at this show, which was a last minute decision. Peter Hayes (vocalists, and guitarist) came out and took his turn on a lone acoustic song. The police left, and with the threat removed the band returned to the stage. We fought the law, and rock won. And on they ripped for another 40 minutes. The bulk of the crowd stayed til the bittersweet end. They’re the real deal, and it’s nice to see that BRMC are holding up against the test of time. To stay that cool 12 years in and also maintain their youthful appearance is a feat. I really want to end this with a Dylan quote but I’m not gonna let it “keep me up past the dawn,” so with that–good night.