Foreign Born at Rickshaw: Noise Pop 2010


All Photos by Victoria Smith

Foreign Born, the shoegaze, folk-jammy rock that my photographer described sounded “like Tom Petty a little–oh wait, maybe Tom Waits,” headlined the Rickshaw for Noise Pop. Playing a lively set that was brightly fun, particularly for the cross-dressing hippies in the front-row, Foreign Born put on my favorite performance of the festival (yes, I did see The Dodos). Whereas I critiqued Man/Miracle for being sonically loose, Foreign Born was quite the opposite. Even singer Matt Popieluch’s feet tapping, as he scampered back and forth like an Irish jig dancer, was in rhythm with the music. If you ever get the chance to see them play, as SFCritic we’d suggest it! Enjoy these photos from Victoria Smith.