Har Mar Superstar at Noise Pop 2010


All photos by Victoria Smith

Though Har Mar Superstar looks like a combination of John Belushi and Ron Jeremy (in his older years), as an entertainer he’s more of a Justin Timberlake. Standing a mere 5’5″, Har Mar Superstar has a stage presence of a giant that warrants the attention of all drunken spectators. Whether doing handstands, stripping, necking or singing within the crowd–as one man, he brings more show than a gang of 80s hair band rockers. With Diesel buying out the bar, the booze-friendly crowd was primed for the sex-flare-drenched-pop-rock-n-roll so uniquely Har Mar Superstar (Peaches excluded).

Never one to disappoint, though dressed in a poncho and jeans, Har Mar Superstar eventually, as always, removed his clothes down to his skivvies. His motto should be “Shake what your momma gave you.” While it’s easy to focus on his antics, which needless to say there are plenty more, his bubbly-sexualized pop song’s are as delectable as Janet Jackson’s nipple slip. A song like “Power Lunch” is almost fitting for a pelvic thrust dance—if not, acceptable. Backed with a bassist, and drummer, playing over the original instrumental, Har Mar Superstar was front-center, just how he likes it.

Midway through his set, which is always discernible by the amount of clothes he still has on, Har Mar jumped on top of a bar table. It teetered, as did Har Mar, both falling to the ground. Falls don’t stop superstars! The show continued, as he approached the closest girl to the stage, kisses her, then returned to singing seamlessly with the track. Soon after, a girl put a dollar bill in his jeans because he is Superstar.

His sets don’t pay as much as his ladies do.

Don’t you want me baby! Don’t you want me OOOHHH.