Friday Free Mp3s: Wu-Tang Clan, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Game, and More


Who doesn’t want to hear ODB scream “Fuck you!” With ill production arranged entirely by Mathematics, this joint jumps like kangaroos. Grab this track if only as memorial to the late great ODB, because really, how often do you get to say “I got that new shit from the Ol’ Dirty Bastard,” and it’s not referencing your dad’s toiletries.
Wu-Tang Clan ft. ODB and Bad Luck: “Early Grace

“Something told me inside that your love was untrue,” sings Sharon Jones in the opening verse of “I Learned The Hard Way.” Baby, baby–you may be too old for the SFCritic, but our love for you is SO true. The soul singer sounds as cool as ever. Think if she and Raphael Saadiq had a baby–now that would be COOL.
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings: “I Learned The Hard Way

I heard this Game track and I had to “shake.” Carmelo beat Lebron last night with a “shake.” I finished my business, jiggled twice, and then let the last drip “shake.” How many ways can you use shake? I can dig this Game, like I can dig this track. (Shake words, shake verbs, shake what you heard, Neapolitan).
Game: “Shake

Gui Boratto, whose aptitude for emotive, hyper-precise rhythms makes him a perfect foil to the traditionally melancholic Bristol legends, Massive Attack. So, how’s it sound? Like slack-jawed Spaghetti Western techno.
Massive Attack (Remix by Gui Boratto): “Paradise Circus