Music Submissions Guidelines


Here at SFCritic we have been unusually fortunate to receive some truly excellent music submissions. For most people it is not everyday that your inbox fills up with not one, but dozens of moving/fun/jaw-dropping/truly confusing albums, singles, and videos, but for us it is. And it’s awesome. We know that for any musician it is both necessary and difficult to put yourself out there, to be critiqued, and it is not a job we take lightly. We would like to give as many artists the opportunity to have their work reviewed as possible, but since this is basically a one-person job, we’ve decided to set a few ground rules to make it easy for you to get heard, and for us to keep our limited sanity.

So it is with great excitement that we present the SFCritic Music Submission Guidelines:

  • Please submit only full albums or EPs. We prefer zip files or streaming links. The better to hear you with, my dear.
  • Include a large, high-quality image of your album art. At least 500 x 500 pixels please.
  • Make sure to include a short biography of yourself/your band. Things to include: 1) Members’ names and instruments, 2) geographical location, and 3) any description you can provide about your “sound.”
  • If you would like us to include download links in the article please say so and make sure to include them in your message.
  • Just because we WANT to post about everything we receive does not mean that we WILL. Please don’t cry if we skip yours.