[New Music] The Golden Filter “Hide Me”


Unreleased, and therefore pretty much unknown, The Golden Filter posted their “6 Worlds Mix” of “Hide Me” on their website. It’s heavy, and nothing like the Al Usher remix of Grandabob “Hide Me” that initially I assumed was the sample. Which do you prefer? The Golden Filter: “Hide Me” (6 Worlds Mix) DL [audio:http://www.box.net/shared/static/jmdx0o1xtx.mp3] Grandabob Read More

[Review] Tron Legacy and Daft Punk


[Warning: If you’re a fan of Tron or Daft Punk sue me.] “Alright Joe, I got a great idea for a movie. Picture this–a guy enters into a video game that takes place in some futuristic utopian world where people fight on motorcycle bikes to the death.” How is that a utopian world? “Well there Read More

[Music Submissions] Climber & Boy Eats Drum Machine


Boy Eats Drum Machine – Hoop + Wire Boy Eats Drum Machine: “Hoop +Wire” DL [audio: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11598506/Boy%20Eats%20Drum%20Machine-%20Hoop%2BWire.mp3] Boy Eats Drum Machine is the multi-instrumental project of Jon Ragel based in Portland, Oregon. Ragel writes the lyrics, sings said lyrics, mixes, and plays the saxophone, and is on the super-hip Portland-based label Tender Loving Empire. It’s Read More

[Best of 2010] Top 10 Albums


We’ve given a numerical order, but there’s no particular REALLY because everyone are winners–or some bullshit like that. These were albums that the writers at SFCritc had on repeat, will repeat, will love, and do love. We hope you feel the same. 10. Local Natives – Gorilla Manor In a year when indie rock albums Read More

[Best of 2010] Singles for Download


Putting together the “Best of 2010” singles in one list is daunting to say the least. One minute I love a song that makes me want to head bob like A Night At The Roxbury (please tell me you’re old enough to get that reference), the other I want to be devoured by the cushions Read More

[Best of 2010] Top 5 EPs


These are the 5 EPs that made us want more from these groups in 2010. 5. Cults: Cult’s 7″ Check out “Go Outside.” 4. TV Girl – TV Girl EP Check out “It’s Not Something” and “If You Want It.” 3. Geographer: Animal Shapes Check out “Kites” and “Original Sin.” 2. Moe Green – Rocky Read More

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