The Cataracs “Freakin’ Ta Ma Song” (NC-17)


I recently discovered The Cataracs, a Bekerely, CA based hip hop? group. This is not a recommendation, as much as a joke in a care package delivered to you on this Friday morning. There isn’t really much I need to say beyond take a listen. Describing the video’s typical freak getup of girls on roller skates around a pool, auto-tuned voices, and two white? guys poppin’ champagne like Mega Dons, just seems kind of tacky–oops. The song is called “Freak Ta Ma Song,” and was probably sent as a love letter. Seeing that these guys have good taste, oh wait, no, they have cataracts (and can’t spell it)–that explains everything!

Ps-why is this NC-17? Probably because little kids don’t need to be disillusioned about pop music.