Boycott The Homophobic Buju Banton


Buju Banton is touring the US, and during his stop in San Francisco he met with a group of LGBTQ activists to discuss their boycott. In his meeting Banton stated, “This is a fight and as I said in one of my songs, ‘there is no end to the war between me and &%$&%$ and it’s clear.'” In a video of protest, Lorri Jean discusses the issues.

To find out more about the meeting in San Francisco, take a look at Cancel Buju Banton, at Wetpaint.

This is not the first time there have been protests by the LGBTQ community against dancehall performers. Bounty Killers, Sizzla and others have been protested around the world as a result of their homophobic beliefs. The issue raises an important point about the backwards beliefs that still remains amongst many of the Caribbean.

Here is also a detailed look at Buju Banton’s homophobic past: click here.