Common No Longer Needs to Borrow a Dollar, Collabs With Jonas Brothers


Common’s debut album, Can I Borrow A Dollar featured tracks like, A Penny For My Thoughts, and “Pitchin Pennies”, projecting himself as one of the most homeless sounding rappers of the Golden Era, until now–as he attempts to make dollars with the Jonas Brothers. Things have changed for Common who was labeled a sellout by fans after becoming a poster boy for Gap, and now has a new line of Diesel cologne. The dude has “Two Scoops of Raisins” and a vineyard with a bunch of workers making a gang more of raisins.

These days musicians need to make a buck anyway they can–so I’m not hating, rather it’s intriguing on how they choose to market themselves. Apparently, Common hasn’t learned from his predecessors mistakes: don’t collaborate with pop musicians! Yes it’s true, Common has teamed up with the President’s daughter’s favorite band–Jonas Brothers for the song “Don’t Charge Me”. The song is about a bank robbery, and that’s all I know because it made my headache worse. I’m charging them both with a crime, and “I’m hot, you’re cold.”

Jonas Brothers ft. Common: Don’t Charge Me

On a tangent, another awful boy band/rapper combo was LFO and M.O.P.

LFO ft. M.O.P.: “Life is Good”

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