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“If you’ve been tagged, you must post 25 random things about yourself,” the chain letter that is dominating Facebook. Well, I thought I might include my own random 10 things about music and me. Ten seemed more manageable. Check it out:

1. MF Doom is changing his name, it’s now DOOM. Diddy or P. Diddy or Puff Daddy, helped in the name change.

2. Joaquin Phoenix’s interview with David Letterman will lead to a new celebrity trend, “Drugged out and acting stupid.” Meanwhile, Chris Brown wins the trophy for “Stupid,” among other monikers.

3. At a hookah bar in SF, the Egyptian owner jammed Backstreet Boys, “Everybody.” I hadn’t heard the song since I was twelve and visiting Prague–and I would’ve preferred to have kept it that way.

4. My girlfriend and I had the same ringtone: “(Sitting on) The Dock of The Bay.” So I changed mine.

5. I got a speed ticket while driving and listening techno. This was after I sarcastically wrote about banning techno music in cars because it encourages speeding. Talk about irony.

6. My roommate is addicted to Teddy Bear’s self-titled album, and plays the album at least twice a day. I introduced him to it, and will never again share music with him. I now hate Teddy Bear.

7. I partied with the Killers. Okay, well actually-I was in the same VIP section, but “partied” sounds cooler. I swear–I’m cool.

8. SNL has recently aired more memorable rap songs than most radio stations. Have you seen the Natalie Portman rap, “I wanna fuck you too!” Me too Natalie–me too.

9. Auto-tune was cool when Funkadelic used it–now it’s just redundant.

10. I’m no longer a “beginner journalist,” but just a “journalist,” as my writing workshop buddies informed me. Look Ma–I’m a big kid now!