Everyday Another One Bites The Dust


Everyday I’m hustlin, and everyday a new white kid subscribes to “hip hop” and gets down with LFO. Ok, so as SFCritic, I’m regularly skimming through blogs, and well–I came upon Lykke Li’s rendition of Rick Ross’ “Hustlin.” Granted, there are some cool folksy remixes of hip hop songs, such as the classic entitled by Phish/Dave Matthews Band (who #$#@ knows) of “Gin ‘n Juice,” but this isn’t one of them. The problem, like Plaxico Burress, is the song is either a success or a shot in leg eventually ending your career. Not to say Lykke’s performance is a season ending injury, but it definitely was foul.

The video has the apparent “I’m a white kid trying to be cool” problems:

1. She’s singing Rick Ross.
2. She’s hustling with a cashmere sweater, beads, and black tights.
3. Is this a house party? What’s with the black light and red light? How many gangstas does it take to set up a black light?
4. Her dance steps are worse than Fat Joe’s “Lean Back.”
5. She learned call and response techniques at camp. Check out at 2:20 “More Cars!” “More hoes!” *Wait, let me just look down here and check the lyric box.

For shit’s and giggles, take a look at the video below, and if you still want more, which you should because Lykke is talented, and isn’t rapping in the other video.

Lykke Li: Gangsta Rick Rossin’ It

Lykke Li @ NTBR Part 4 – “Hustlin'” from Drew Innis on Vimeo.

Lykee Li and Bon Iver