Music in Y2K9


2009 is the year that indie rock burst from a Brooklyn bubble and expanded into a national scene. Hipsters were transplanted from dive bars to arenas. Mohawks and short bangs became hip along with four new tattoos. Bands like Kings of Leon, MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and TV On The Radio went from blogger buzz Read More

Top Albums of 2009: #1 of The Hanukkah List


Eve Marcellus: #1Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest Grizzly Bear’s sophomore album was, for fans who had been getting by since 2006 with just one (albeit pretty cool) EP, a huge reward. What makes Veckatimest such a jaw-dropping album is the level to which Grizzly Bear has progressed. The spare, ambient echos of their debut, Yellow House are Read More

Top Albums of 2009: #2 of The Hanukkah List


Eve Marcellus: #2 Dirty Projectors: Bitte Orca As you may have noticed, it takes a truly exceptional artist or group of artists to push the boundaries of their career and continue to put out exceptional music. David Longstreth, the founding member of Dirty Projectors, has been making gorgeous, if slightly strange, albums with a string Read More

Ape Cave Interview: Simply Ape Cave


Once Church now Ape Cave, the band from Portland is building a name for itself. Amongst a sea of bands, Ape Cave have emerged with an avant-garde sound that’s minimalism reflects the group’s complex and particular arrangements. The band was formed by Richard and Brandon Laws, two brothers with one passion–music. While on the road, Read More

People’s Choice Submissions


We’re still collecting Reader’s submissions. Don’t be scared! As we continue to countdown SFCritic’s top albums, here are some of our reader’s selections: “Here’s my top 5” –Rick James Chatas 1. Blakroc Blakroc – First Rock/Hip Hop album collaboration with more than just a trendy single – Black Keys always bring it – The Rap Read More

4AD 2009 Holiday Present


4AD is offering a sampling of tracks from their releases in 2009. This is a perfect opportunity for me to explain how wonderful 4AD is, but that would appear like a promotional scheme. Instead, I’ll just state “4AD is wonderful.” Happy? I strongly urge you to download these tracks as I’ve discussed almost all of Read More

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