The Path Walked


“So what are you doing with this blog?” Just over two months ago, this blog was conceived on a trip while riding in a cab. Now writing for two magazines my postings have decreased, but I hope your interest hasn’t. The New Year is near, and I’m thinking resolutions?, life changes?, and should I reflect? Read More

Vampire Weekend and Cold War Kids at Live 105 NSSN


It’s a Wednesday night, but The Mezzanine is sold-out for Live 105’s Pre-Party to Not So Silent Night. The warehouse looking club is decorated in holiday spirit with dim yellow lights illuminating large hanging snowflakes and white flowered poinsettias, creating a mellow and warm atmosphere: a perfect mood for a night of indie rock. With Read More

MMM…Smells Like Meat


I couldn’t resist: This is a direct cut and past of an article published at BBC. Look out women, the SFCritic is scented with a new form of seduction: grilled meat. American fast food chain Burger King is marketing a men’s fragrance with the scent of meat. Called Flame, the company says the spray is Read More

London Times


This blog is overwhelmed with soul, hip hop and funk–don’t you think? As SFCritic, I wanted to diversify, so lets taste some pop punk. While Jamie T cannot be considered wholly punk, in these times, no artist is truly character of one style. His voice has a thick London twang (no he’s not from Liver-POOL)that Read More

Ideas in Practice


The SFCritic is here today with a class assignment. Just follow the instructions, don’t jump to conclusions–you’re older now and should be more patient (“should” being key). Yes, you’re schedule is busy, but give at least a minute to both clips. Enjoy. 1. Play this track at this website, and then close your eyes and Read More

You Remind Me of a Song I Once Knew


We’ve all heard terms such as, coffee house music, garage rock, chill house, smooth jazz. With these terms we’ve created our own associations, whether with ideas, places, feelings, or people. In past articles I’ve written–particularly, “Music and the Moment” (Oct 23rd, 08) and in “It began” (Oct 19th), I’ve extrapolated to some extent how music Read More

Never Saw it Coming


The Macarena is back. Yes–you heard me correctly: The Macarena is back. The lovable and hated song by Los Del Rios, which many of us as kids practiced dance routines to, has returned. This time adding a new dance flare, with a soca/reggaton rhythm, who knows what peaks it may reach to or lows it Read More

Make me Feel Brand New


So I’m feeling brand new. Writing and not serving. Thinking and not ordering. So it’s no surprise to me that as SFCritic, during my first concert review of Zion I, experiencing this new world, I came across a tight new song. “What should I do/when can I/Talk to you through my antenna,” the hook for Read More

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